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The Peruvian Bar and Restaurant Pisco Sour Denver Colorado
 The Pisco Sour drink is a world’s famous cocktail made from a brandy known as Pisco, which is a smooth South American brandy and is exported from Peru & Chile. It is made from grapes of certain varieties, which are fermented, distilled, and aged into a potent aguardiente. It is never diluted in Peru due to the very strict and specified rules governing its production.  The key ingredients for an amazing and mouth watering Pisco Sour are the very delicious Liqueur, very tart key limes, egg whites, Angostura bitters and making sure that every ingredient compliments each other, which will make you want another. Even though Peru claims the credit of preparing the first Pisco Sour, the inventor of the Pisco Sour is said to have been a bartender from North America, Victor Morris, («Gringo Morris») in the 1920’s, replacing it to its Whiskey Sour; at The Morris Bar, near the heart of the city off the Plaza de Armas. The National Pisco Sour Day is celebrated every year on the first Saturday of February and it is definitely a delightful national celebration. So come try our exotic original, passion fruit, mango and strawberry, Te esperamos. Peruvian Cuisine  is rising as one of the best exotic cuisines in the world. In the earlier years the Spanish conquerors, African Slaves, Chinese laborers, Immigrants from Italy and Japan made Peru their home after the Inca Empire fell and have made the food a mix of multicultural exotic flavors. Many wonderful Peruvian dishes have an Asian flair to them and are seasoned with unique Inca’s ingredients that make it special for your cooking delight. Peruvian Food is complex but very rich and the flavors from the variety of herbs including black mint, yellow pepper, red pepper, and rocoto, which are still used by Andean people to flavor their dishes. The flavors are unexpected and delicious which explode in your mouth with the bold flavors and different spices. Our Restaurant is the location to visit and explore your exotic palate when it comes to eating rich and delicious cuisine. Come and enjoy a incredible place to be with your love ones!